My brand new piece of digital art … It symbolizes where i’m at right now in my life, as my long-term girlfriend broke up with me and left me. But, I’m nothing but optimistic, and Things will get better! I just thought this piece really sold how I feel right now. and that things can always get better! Hope you like it! #GraphicDesign #digitaldesign #artdirection#creativeprocess #advertising

  • I created this as a way to get my mind off my recent breakup, and while it has helped temporarily, and I am proud with how this turned out, it still has not taken my mind completely off my girlfriend and hope that maybe she can give me one more chance. I know this has nothing to do with advertising or marketing, but, It is a creative endeavor in digital art and I am hoping that something comes of it. I look forward to continuing to produce digital art, maybe some traditional, but maybe some out of the ordinary, like this dead raven piece.

It helps me get through stressful situations and allows me to continue building on my skills. This piece can symbolize many things. But in my mind, I wanted to make it something related to suffering. Hence the dead bird and the blood soaked corners, etc.. It gives it a special “gothic” view that may help folks understand what I was going for. And that is all I can ask! If there are any questions I can answer about this piece, I would be happy to! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more.

dead crow laying in blood, with dark ominous sky - digital art
digital art – made in illustrator and photoshop.