Helping a new yoga studio 'find their breath'.

After launching a new yoga studio in Loudoun County, VA, and parting ways with the creative agency they planned on using (creative differences), the owner of Exhale Studios came to Blue Ridge in need of some help designing a business website for them – from scratch. They needed something minimalistic that fit their (half finished) brand, with an easy-to-use interface, that could integrate seamlessly with popular yoga studio software Mindbody.

web design exhale studios

Namaste. An easy-to-use website for all.

The finished product is an easy to use website with an energetic and youthful color scheme that works seamlessly with Exhale Studios' Mindbody yoga software. It features fun parallax effects throughout along with cool “yoga-esque” patterns and textures, and a simple navigation hierarchy (complete with a mobile bottom nav bar for ease of use on mobile devices) so folks can easily find pricing, see upcoming events and specials, and sign up for classes.It also features all of the basics you’d want to see on a small business site so folks can easily see contact info, reach out to the studio, and learn everything they need to about the new business.