What's your alibi?

South Riding Inn, had just developed an exclusive craft beer with the help of James River Brewery in Scottsville, VA. The new IPA was affectionately named “Alibi IPA”. After Alibi turned out to be a huge hit for the restaurant, and would go into permanent rotation on their taps, they needed a brand identity and logo design for the new brew.

"That's a bad ass logo! Makes me want an ice-cold brew for sure. I love Alibi, and this logo fits its 'personality' perfectly."


logo design Alibi IPA
Alibi IPA Logo

Get ready for your new favorite beer.

It’s hard to advertise an exclusive product without even a logo in place! I went to work right away creating an Alibi IPA logo from scratch! We used a mixture of vintage beer label elements with a design that helped showcase the ‘hoppiness” of the beer, while highlighting its name and exclusivity to SRI. After many drafts, the final logo came into place achieving everything it set out to achieve. The logo has since been used in various ads for South Riding Inn, and is even being placed on a custom tap handle (in the works).