Charleston charm on display

Nick Collins, a highly respected and busy Carolina One real estate agent in Charleston, SC wanted to expand his presence online. He wanted his own, fully-customizable website with a personalized domain that would help express himself as a Realtor and draw in new business through organic SEO. After some research into the websites other agents in the area had, I was able to find the perfect Wordpress theme for his real estate business, fully ready to meet his needs. But first... a logo!

"Blue Ridge has done a great job of bringing my ideas to life and helping to better position me in the Charleston real estate market."


Nick Collins = Carolina One.

The beginning step was a rebrand. I wanted to keep the Nick Collins brand colors the same as the Caroline One colors, and make the new logo similar to the style of the Carolina One logo so that folks would be able to see that Nick was associated with them. The new logo clearly shows that Nick Colins is a Realtor, and the “palmetto & moon house icon” helps illustrate that he is a real estate agent in South Carolina. The finished logo design and all of the elements included was the basis for which Mr. Collins’ new website was built on.

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