A tangy Appalachian kick to your tastebuds.

South Riding Inn, a small bar and grill in Loudoun County, VA (the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains) has a lot of sauce flavors for their wings, but, among their most unique flavors is “Moonshine BBQ”. We wanted to create an advertising campaign that brought awareness to Moonshine BBQ wings while using themes of Appalachian culture and history (specifically as it relates to moonshine) to help forge a cultural connection.

moonshine jugs

Not your momma's bbq.

As Virginia is sometimes known as the “moonshine capital of the world”, it only made sense to connect the two! The campaign features a variety of spots including social media posts, a digital video ad, and a print ad, all set up to showcase the wings as the “star” while Appalachian themes and culture play a prominent role throughout. The result is a campaign with high-test Virginia backwoods whiskey character that’s hard to resist!