Bringing an offline business to the web.

Silver Lion Trade Services is a Northern VA based transportation and logistics company that’s been in operation since 2014. They already had a strong set of brand guidelines in place, including an (awesome!) logo. However, they were missing one critical element to any business in 2018: a functioning website. So, when they asked us to implement their first ever website, we put our website design hats on right away!

silver lion trade boxes website design

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We relied heavily on the brand’s color palette and logo design for the new website, and put together a great and simple experience for their customers. With their first ever website, the brand has now been brought into the 21st century! With a clean layout, a clear hierarchy of information, and full order and shipment tracking functionality, the new site is user friendly and accessible to current customers and prospective customers alike. Since launching the website, Silver Lion went on to be a huge success and ended up being sold for multiple millions of dollars, so the website in this form is no longer available (new owner didn’t keep up with renewing the domain and updating the site), but it lives on through my portfolio as a website design we’re extremely proud of!

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silver lion website design mobile