For the love of beer and (bull) dogs.

In February, we were approached to put together a new event logo and event poster for the Animal Protection Society of Durham’s annual “Pints for Paws” craft beverage festival. Since it was for a good cause, we figured why not? After several different drafts and versions of the logo concept, we finally landed on the one show here. It does a good job of getting the point across that the event is beer-focused and has something to do with animals (dogs in particular).

"Great time with all kinds of rescues (animals). A good cause AND beer?! Count me in next year, too. "


print design pints for paws
logo design pints for paws
graphic design pints for paws wristband
logo design pints for paws t-shirt

Durham craft beer and puppies... enough said.

Because this event was in Durham, NC, we got the idea to use the colors from the Durham flag to incorporate into the logo. A silhouette of the Durham skyline was also used throughout the event collateral to help identify the event with the city. The finished product is a clear, playful, and to-the-point logo and event poster that does a good job of connecting the annual charity event with the city and communicating what the event is all about.